‘Titanic’ Jack &Shakespeare’s Juliet

An imaginary scenario of what happens when Juliet,from Romeo and Juliet and Jack from Titanic meet each other.(I wrote this script for a skit.)

(Jack walks unsteadily,shaking his head and focusing his blurry eyes )
JCK :How did I end up here?
JLT :Mister..You are at heaven.You probably must have died.
JCK :Ohhh !
(Searches for Rose)
JLT :Who are you searching for ?
JCK :My Rose.(smiles )
Thank god !
JLT : Are you thanking God for your death ?Why,on earth,do you wanna thank him ?
JCK :Sorry we’re at heaven.
JLT :AGHHHH…Jokes apart.
JCK : I am thanking him for letting my ROSE live.She isn’t here.ohhh ! God has been merciful.
JLT :Ohh..You have a lover ?interesting.Tell me your love story
JCK :ROSE………….
We met in a ship.She was a gem while I ,a mishapped copper coin.She,a highflying kite,while I was a distant spectator.She, a lotus while i was a dandelion .But amidst the variations,love sprung between us.But,…….But……..the jealous sea,……….ohhh..the sea…it kept our love at risk.It sunk the ship…and that is how I came here.How I wish,the ship hadn’t sunk.ohhhh ( cries )(coughs)
JLT : Have some water !
JCk (throws the glass ): I hate the very sight of water.I hate water.I hate water.I hate water.(shouts )
JLT : Calm down…calm down… I feel sorry for you.
JCK : Fate likes playing with our lives ,isn’t it ?
(Juliet Shakes head )
JLT :But I expect her,here,I mean,your Rose.She will trace the path of love and come here,like how I did.
JCK :Haha…She will never.I’ve made her to promise to live ,even after , I am gone.
JLT :AWWWWW ! But You must be missing her ….
JCK :mm ..yeah..a sad truth…hey wait..Did you just say you died for someone?Tell me your story.
JLT : Our love story is a classical one.We fell in love but our families fell in love with animosity,divisions,clashes etc.etc.It was because of one plan gone wrong,Romeo died and then did I.I couldn’t bear the sight of him with a still face,dead nerves and sealed lips.So,I slayed myself .
JCK : Wait….Are you the Juliet from Shakespeare’ s play?OMG !It was a prescribed text for me during my schoolings.Hey,I couldn’t believe I am meeting you…(transforms his tone from happy to sad) At least,you had someone to help you.You should be really thankful for the priest.
JLT :More than the priest,I should be thankful for death.It is because of death,Romeo and I live together.It is because of death,we are under no threats.It is because of death,our families ‘ divisions became trivial.It is because of death,now,I am speaking to you.I would’ve lived a life of misery,if I hadn’t died.I am thankful to death too much…wait…how did I forget ?.
Romeo must be waiting for me for the candle light dinner.sorry gentleman ..meet you on some other auspicious day..bye…(runs )
JCK :Love expects nothing but love itself ,they say.BUT my dear Rose,I would never expect you here.Though my days would crawl and kill me,without you,by my side,I really do not want you here.Live long my darling.
Love is my religion and I am happy that I died for it.I am happy that I died for you.This very thought soothens my heart and calms my soul.(kisses the red rose ,he has in his hand)

Your’s me,


28 thoughts on “‘Titanic’ Jack &Shakespeare’s Juliet

  1. I just love the flow of words you use and I am much obliged to u for writing this amazing script for me.This imaginary convo between Jack and Juliet was one of my most memorable memory which was painted with ur magical  words and I’m looking forward to more posts from u dear Kejuva☺️


  2. Splendid imagination paviiii….poetic and also humorous..i love the line “Love is my religion and i am happy tgat i died for it”-beautifully said….keep writing kejuva…u rock.


  3. Nice and moving conversation. Love knows no boundaries so only it continues to exist beyond death. This conversation proves that. BE ALIVE AS KEJUVA AND CONTINUE TO ROCK THE BOAT!


  4. Outstanding work & loved the imagination defined, i’ve came across to read something beautiful after a long!!
    Keep writing!👌📝👏


  5. Keju……….. The one who could make life after death very LIVELY 😉 good optimistic view that says, the humanly discriminations are buried along with every dead body


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