Let the nails pierce you too.

This post is about the nails,that came straight away,piercing and pricking,me.
We waited for hours to get the opportunity of securing a stand near the womb chamber(Garbhagriha) of lord shiva,in that so-called-powerful temple.After a long wait,my mom said,”Finally,we’re here,at last “with all happiness in the world.Then she gave away the garland to the pusaari(someone similar to a Priest in a church) .He got it with a pious look and brought it close to his closed eyes and worshipped those,before placing it on Shiva’s neck.I don’t believe in all these rituals,so I looked the other way.I noticed a few temple associates ,verbally attacking a man.A few moments later,I could see the helpless victim,surrounded by inhuman people throwing words like garbage at him.The victim looked extremely miserable and innocent.He looked familiar to me also.I’ve seen him somewhere.I replayed and paused my mind in search of him.Then,it struck me that the man was the one from whom we got the garland.He runs a flower shop just near the temple.He was accused of contaminating the divinity of the temple by entering into the womb chamber.Isn’t it absurd?.Almost every deity,over there,atleast carried one garland which he made.’HE’ touched the flowers.’HE’ made those.’HE’ gave those.People have no problem in taking the garland made by him into the womb chamber,but not him.
“Tattered are his shirt and soul,
Trembling are his heart and hand,
in cleaning the unclean clothes of ours.”

Did you picturise a man ?If yes,then,you are wrong.He is a twelve year old boy,who helps his mother(washer woman).He goes behind his mother and works in every house,his mother works.His pathetic eyes hints indeficinecy.His flat stomach says his starvation.His abnormally cracked legs tells his damaged life.He and his mother sometimes after the work will be asked to come inside the house to get food.I’ve always noticed my cousin’s grand mother pointing out a corner in the floor for them to sit,while others sit in a costly couch.The reason is simple.They belong to the lower caste.They are UNCLEAN .But,wait,They are the ones ,who CLEAN our UNCLEAN clothes.Every cloth,we wear,has traces of their careful hands.Then,logically,we,who are wearing the clothes,cleansed by an UNCLEAN are also UNCLEAN ,right? Aren’t we? A moment of scrutiny is needed.Think.
That was a heavily damaged government bus.A lady,with a heavy handbag, was standing,near me.I noticed an empty seat and wondered why she didn’t sit there.And then it became clear,a transgender woman was sitting all alone in that seat.She didn’t look decent.She was scantily dressed,exposing so much of her skin.Lipstick and perfume were overused by her.Yes,She looked like a prostitute.But who pushed her to this cliff corner?It’s’ US ‘

Why did she choose this ?
1.She needs money for a living
2.She needs a sense of belonging .Being totally alienated from the society,she despairs for a belonging.And her yearning gets quenched every night.Atleast for that one night,her heart fantasies that she is not alone and she is loved.

I am not trying to defend her profession.I am trying to tell that despite her nastier side,she deserves what a normal human,expects(love and acceptance)

The lady decided on,to stand with a heavy luggage rather than sitting next to that transgender sister.Does sitting next to her, make her any less ?

Who knows,the man,next to whom I was sitting might have been a silent child abuser.Who knows,the one who was sitting next to that yellow salwar,might have been a man who harasses his wife brutally in suspect of an illegal affair.Who knows,The girl,who sat just infront of me,might have been a girl who does prostitution for pocket money.Who knows,the well dressed guy,who looked like an officer,might have got those costly shoes,spending on his bribes.Who knows,the lady,who was standing,might have had a dead body,in her bag.No one is a saint here.In what way,are they superior to that transgender?When people find no insult in being next to those people,then,why should they ,while it comes for a transgender prostitute?Sitting next to her,makes us no less.

These incidents leave me questioning,who are we ?Are we people or products of a factory?May be quality tests are good for products,but not for people.

I don’t know where we are heading towards,a healthy society or a hopeless society? Only time should tell.

Let these nails pierce you too,
Let them prick your very core,
With pain,comes realisation
And with realisation,comes CHANGE.




24 thoughts on “Let the nails pierce you too.

  1. ‘K’ these nails pierced my heart… Sometimes this questions arise in my heart to but, why our society is like this? ? Everyone is responsible for it . Not only one who made this pattern in our society, even who neglect to question this society… I feel shame to be in this society and I feel shame of myself to be here… ‘We must bring a change ‘… Waiting for the change…


  2. It is really good to see people coming up with such write ups. It clearly shows that it is not a writing for the sake of writing alone. It is only these things that make people realize that humanity still remains in our conscious thoughts and thereโ€™s every possibility to live upto it.


  3. Words are the first weapon for a Writer towards Change…
    You are taking a first step towards Change, than remaining unseen in this Society. Great Pavie, surely it pricked my conscience.

    Liked by 1 person

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