(A small observation put into words)

It is DARK,except for the flickering light of the yellow street bulb,that hardly knows for whom and for what it is turned on.The faded human voices blend with the chirpings of the cricket and compose an unnoticed harmony.I sit in a three-and-a-half-legged chair,placed at the corner of an antique road,which needs a board saying”This is road” to make you believe it’s a road.To my left stands Baniyan-Babu,busy making kothu parotta(a south-Indian food),for which I am waiting,now.

“Babu….I’ve been waiting for twenty minutes.Are you making it or just playing with tumblers?”,I yell and go out.

And that is when I see HER,walking from far away.I look at her closely.

The Bindi,which she kept in the morning,with almost spending one minute,to make it a complete circle,is now,not a circle anymore,rather a blemish dot.

Her hair dances in the air and her hair band slips off from her hair,showing her exhaustion of a heavy day.BUT SHE ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT IT.

Her beauty for which the world compliments her,every day,is in ruins,now.Mascara has smudged all over her eyes.Her concealer bid farewell long ago.Her lips barely have the cherry colour.BUT SHE ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT IT.

The perfume,which she sprayed all over her,forcefully,to make others feel pleasant,does’t linger anymore.BUT SHE ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT IT.

Every effort she took to make her look like how others want her to be,is becoming futile slowly,as night approches.BUT SHE ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT IT.

Because she knows,under the blanket of darkness,she can be carefree.No eyes prey on her or assess her or atleast,she is not conscious of the eyes,that look at her,as darkness conceals everything and that gives her a new confidence.She doesn’t depend on make overs to walk in the dark.

She is starting to be more of herself.She isn’t meeting others’ expectation and She has unlocked herself from others’ captivation.

Working in a corporate company,has deviated her into what she is not.She can’t escape the daylight,which illuminates her,to others.To appeal others,she walks,speaks,laughs,smiles etc.But now,she feels she is free in the dark.Darkness has pulled down her mask.She is true and with truth comes beauty.

Beauty is truth,truth beauty,
That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know “

-John keats

Block her as she crosses you and throw a “Hi “at her,she’ll say “Hi”back,not from her mouth,but from her heart.




27 thoughts on “In the LIGHT of DARKNESS

  1. Is this your real observation Pavi????… Oh woww … 👏… Even secrets r called dark secrets coz they r truth unrevealed… U have brought an amazing scale to equate darkness to truth and uncaring nature…..
    That s osm….❤❤❤…
    With dark Luv,

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  2. Wow!!!!! Can I believe that you wrote this!!! It is mind blowing… like you’ve spent your whole life writing and this is one of your GREAT works😄🙂…It’s totally awesome…so so creative. The always negative darkness has so much good in itself… Plz do write more…l love it and can’t wait for more.

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  3. “Baniyan babu making kothu parotta” 😂😂 …. A great work – your words wonderfully potrayed a perfect blend of thoughts a girl usually have .
    Keep going buddy……..ALL THE BEST

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  4. Superb Pavie, it will be a strong attack against people who say women are not fit to move about, after getting dark. Though IT Women broke that coviction by taking night shifts, it’s your perspective that broke it again by giving it all a perfectly new shade. It will be nice, if women like her continue to be without masks even during daytime. Because, that may give her a new confidence, as the darkness gives her.

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  5. Those intricate details (three and a half legged chair, baniyan Babu)…
    Those beautiful & unseen descriptions of a woman’s heart (circle bindi, slipped hairband, smudged mascara, farewelled concealer, lingered perfume)…
    “Imposter is no more an imposter”,, speaks a lot which a woman has & hasn’t let out…
    And at last ignited by,,”Your’s me”
    I wish to see that brain which gives u these😂❤,, great! Happy for these and u ..keep writing more so that u inspire me more🔥❤

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